Thursday, July 8, 2010

Cape Meares

I know, it is a thistle! But it turned out to be a good pic, so here it is, and it is summer, Foxglove was amazing in the logged fields and along the road where there had been cutting done. It was foggy this morning here at Barview and all the way around the bay to Cape Meares too. But by the time we got done walking on the beach and taking pics it had warmed up . Went around to Oceanside and Netarts too, and saw the Three Arch Cape, that was pretty. These are places that i have spent all my life visiting. Even have a picture of my Grandpa and Grandma Larrance with their two boys, Uncle Jerry and Dad at Oceanside. So it is a family tradition of sorts to go to these places in the summer. Of course in the picture of them it looked much different on the hillside with many tiny little cottages going up the hill, now there are humongous houses. BUT the beach is the same and thank heavens for Gov McCall in making it so that the beaches of Oregon are for ALL the citizens and not just the wealthy to visit or own. All the beach is public and NONE privately owned. We had a good day and little Luci is exhausted!!! those little legs of hers were all over the beach and on the rocks at Cape Meares it is hard for her to get around, wanted me to carry her! But i am just sayin' that did not happen :)

You all Take Care an God Bless and hope you have a good day!!!! We are..................

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