Friday, July 9, 2010


Can't let a day go by without flowers, wild ones too! It was foggy this morning, BUT decided to do a sandwich and go to Neah-Kah-Nee Mtn anyway and when i got there it was sunny! BUT you could not see all the beach just a bit and then to the beach and you could see the mtn a bit but the beach was all fogged in, but it was still a really nice day and drive, Manzanita has all kinds of cute shops, but did not stop, only to take a pic of the crab on the house/restaurant, wonder what they serve, huh??? :) have save pennies to get the stabilizer bushings done when i get home..... and the tourists, by golly by gee they were ALL out, tons of them on Neah-Kah-Nee, they did not even know the view they were missing. Have been pondering the tourist thing and came to the conclusion that i have only been here in off season, october late aug, april, even march, so don't think have ever been here when it was like this, so of course i don't remember it being so crowded. But i have my spot!!!

AND went to Garibaldi Dairy Queen and got a peanut buster parfait, and the hot fudge was soooo hot that it melted the ice cream and all there was left was clumps of fudge and milk and nuts!!!! could hardly hold the thing at 1st, should have given it right back...WTF????? will not be going back there......
Here's hoping your hot fudge is NOT too hot!!!

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  1. is so hard when you roam the country in an RV isn't it? Melted PBP - would almost want to make a person curl up and never come out again...