Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Good Intentions

"All good intentions of mice & men"
well i started out good and then the day (Yesterday) went downhill fast. I left the pick up in 1st gear and towed it, and went about 5 miles i would say and the motor and transmission seized and the tires were shredded off and the wheels all mangled. soooooo the truck, my wonderful, perfect, matching pick up is dead, all of its vital fluids spilled over the roadway 101, thank heavens for cell phones. AND for an older gentleman (one year younger than me, it so happens) who stopped and waited for the tow truck with me, as he did not feel good with a woman alone sitting by the side of the road in distress. "Bob" from Bay City- used to be a dentist and then a youth paster and loved it!!!! He was the nicest, kindest man. And than thank you to Burden's Towing in tillamook, very nice people and quite helpful.
And i am back to square one almost for a tow vehicle and what do i do.
AND yes, to all the guys i know, i DID look in the rear tv and saw nothing happening until the billowing smoke, just glad i did not catch on fire! don't know what i would of done then, get Luci out!!! first thing. and did not 'feel' anything weird in the tow, but then i am not that experienced and it all seems weird.
I am ok, Luci is ok. and now to deal with insurance, hopefully something is covered.
I hope y'all had a better yesterday than i did. came straight back to madras, no detours and spent the evening licking my wounds and ego. Had to admit that i did NOT read check list as i know what to do, checked around 2x, all was done, NOT!!!!
Take Care and God Bless

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  1. Those maiden voyages (a virgin journey as Webster would say) can be a bitch. Love ya girlfriend!