Sunday, July 11, 2010

Have had a lovely/great time with my brother Jerry and his wife, Rita. (Dogs are Keeper on the left and Dixie on the right, they are blue heelers) They are very well behaved, much more so that Luci, come when called and stay. We have just had great couple of days while they were here, little crowed in the rv, but we made do and things just worked out, but think 3 people and 3 dogs are the maximum capacity :) Four of us went to Monterey and that worked too, but Jeri May (niece) and i slept in the same big bed in the back.....cozy but doable. But don't think i would want to just sleep with anyone, we have slept/shared same bed since she was very little. It has quieted down some now that the week end revelers have left, many campsites empty. Weather is still very nice, little chill in the air, some fog off shore. I know you are all interested in the weather. :) it is something to talk about, and i am interested. wonder if it will still be hot when i get home?
I did practice hooking up the car and got good pointers from Rita, and worked on the awning with Jerry, It was just not right, but think it is were it should be, and did figure out how to get it up right and all the little ins and outs, it is cooler with it out when the sun in shining right on the door side of the RV.
Well hope all is good for you all Take Care and God Bless
On the entrance to the park is a smallish lake and it has water lilies, they are so pretty...

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