Saturday, July 24, 2010

I am so happy with my yard this year, it is just getting all overblown and full with lots of flowers re-seeding, i like it when it does that. altho i do need to add some things for more variety, i had some really great pansies, but some critters are eating off the blooms, don't know if it is the deer or a marmot type thing, that i actually saw, I was sitting quietly on the back deck, taking in the sun and clean air, (the room mate has the ac up so high i actually get cold, i know should not complain) anyway, the little brown furry critter was almost on top of me! i was so shocked at his brazenness that i just sat there and then jumped and screamed at it, he/she took off like a shot!!!
think i am getting close to finding another tow car, this time thru Hertz, hope it works out, will give them a chance, they have a couple Rangers that have pretty low miles, better than with a private party or any other car dealer so far.
To Tillamook to pick up the base plate and electric hook ups off the poor thing i killed.
Hope y'all are stayin cool, take care & God Bless

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  1. Your yard looks beautiful, Loree! I love it!!