Monday, July 5, 2010

Maiden Voyage

I had a beautiful drive to the coast today, lots of traffic, did not even THINK about all the people going home after the 4th and have to go back to work tomorrow :) the Bear grass and rhodies were blooming in the mtns and on the coastal range the foxglove and daisies were out, i am sure just for me and everything is green over here too! BUT the desert was blooming too! i think if you click on the pics you may get a larger pic and see all the wildflowers, they were all out too. This is my space at the beach, i can hear the ocean but have NOT seen it yet, did try to drive to the jetty but they are fixing/capping it and you can't drive out and sit and watch the Bar like normal, i hope they do not do away with that, it is neat to watch the fishermen out there and the coast guard sometimes rescuing them! as you always get people going out in waves that are too high and dangerous. there have been two boats in the last couple of years that have lost people, there was a memorial to them out of a big driftwood log and always flowers there, hope it will still be there. No TV, i KNOW what will i do??? read and watch movies i brought, have a bunch of cd's of old Bob Hope shows too!!! It is windy here too... don't know about putting the awning up or not, think not for now, did get the car undone!!! don't know if i can get it back hooked up or not, but what can be undone can be done again, right? right!!! HA!
back to my drive, i did pull over many times and let traffic go by, am not comfortable with driving 70-80 when not on freeway,,,, and sometime there was quite the long line behind me, but there is not just anyplace to get over when you are 40 ft long!!! and on the freeway it was like the parting of the Red Sea, cars just flowed by me and it was almost like having the road to myself, put on that blinker and notice they stay back, this weaving rv may hit me!!!
well hope you are all well and happy and had a good 4th!!!!

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  1. ...the little engine that could did it!! Gave a great time1