Monday, July 26, 2010

No Pictures!!!???

Drove to Tillamook today, cloudy and foggy there. I was almost cold!! Had to get the baseplate off the wrecked pickup. It was sad sitting there, lonely, you might say. I get attached to things easily. It was a lovely drive over there, went over the Santiam, then cut from the casino thru to Hebo and on to Tillamook, BUT there was LOTS of construction on 101 so did not go back that way, went back over my beloved Wilson River, then since i was going that way decided to visit my friend in McMinnville, see how she was doing and coming into town is the Honda dealer used car lot, and there was a Ford Ranger 1999, tarp blue. it was a 2wd, clean drove good, and once again the right price after dickering back & forth, so i again have a tow car and need to get the base plate re-installed to this pick up.
So, that is taken care of.... just waiting for said friend to get home, so we can go pick it up, then will need to drive to Bend, pick up a friend to help drive it back home.... so many logistics!!!!
But the drive, i just drove, stopped a couple times so Luci could pee and wander about smelling things, the weather was great, the scenery was magnificent, foxgloves and daisies and queen ann's lace really abundant, other wild flowers too, curvy shady roads with the trees bending from both sides and meeting in a canopy, closer to the coast mountains tops were shrouded in fog. things just looked new and fresh and GREEN.

I am happy, have gotten thru this patch, on to the next
God Bless all, Take Care, have happy days!!!!!

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