Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Isn't this cool? this person/lady? does this every year on Clark Drive in Madras!
Well i am all loaded, just have to remember freezer stuff and get the bike in the back of the pick-up. have been driving a half block with the car loaded to the hilt, unpack and drive back, i am sure the neighbors think i am highly lazy, but i figured it was faster and easier on myself this way :) and it was in the high 90's today and sultry, trying the lightning, but nothing yet of any consequence. so i was HOT and sweaty, have showered/powdered and am ready for bed, making a list of last minute things, i even remembered to take the pine cones for all the Iowa people, who apparently don't have any of those....
wish me well and ya'll Take Care and God Bless

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