Saturday, August 14, 2010

Good Pig!!!

Had a really nice day, got the holding tank sanitized, i think, at least i went thru all the steps and the water did not smell any longer. then to Sisters for some power birthday shopping for a friend. Back to the KOA, got ice!!!! took a nap, then DeeDee and Kay showed up for the pig roast and shortly after JeriMay, so i had a full house, BUT we sat outside under the awning and talked and talked and laughed, then to the roast, the pig was there and he was whole!!!! at least i like to think it was a him :), head, teeth and all!!! BUT it was really yummy..... had potato salad, cold slaw, watermelon & blueberries, hamburgers, hotdogs, should you want them, beans, great bbq sauce to put on pig, even had pie for dessert!!! we shared a table with people from Alaska!!!! it was fun, then the band started and they were loud, not bad, but they sounded much better when we got back to the RV, does that mean we are old???? then sat and talked and laughed some more, all left and i went for a dip in the pool and sat in the hot tub for a bit and here i am
wishing you all a Take Care AND God Bless
p.s. jerimay helped me hook up the car, but i did most of it!!!
p.p.s. still no downloading of pics :(

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