Monday, August 30, 2010

Isn't this the cutest little boy ever? I mean Really??? and he is soooo laid back, never have heard him cry, he got frustrated a couple of times, but no out and out cry, even with a full load in his diaper, just as calm and pleasant as ever he could be!! always a smile and he has started laughing /giggling too..... 5 months old, born March 2nd, my mom's birthday... just a pleasure to be around and watch..
Carol and i fixed dinner for the family tonight. Meatloaf and potato salad, a fav of the Dad's. Luci was sooo tired being around little kids, she had never seen a baby before and she had a human right on her level and he smelled so wonderful, all those baby smells and of food. Laithe was a little unsure of her at 1st, but oh, he wanted to touch her! and Luci wanted to lick and lick all she wanted (NOT that we let her) she came home, waited for me to lift the covers on the bed for her and have not seen her since :) every once in a while a big sigh comes from her direction. Laithe's sister, Gutherie wanted to walk Luci and RUN with her, so Luci was not able to just rest and sleep the afternoon away. We had a really good time and Carol fixed apple cobbler with vanilla ice cream, REALLY good, uuummmm..........
Hope you all have extended family to see you thru the days
and may you all Take Care and God Bless

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  1. Adorable pictures of my adorable grand nephew!! Sounds like you all had a wonderful day. I hope Luci recovered from all the excitement - it would take Meesha 2 days!!