Monday, August 23, 2010

Oh, My

it is warm here.. could not find the tv cable hook up, well they don't have cable but there are 5 channels i can get just on my antennae, the big stations, so will have to do, the swim pool closes at dark, well that is when i like to go in, in the cover of darkness!!!! and my ac is not working, it did last night, had a good night, but now it has bagged, so maybe needs some of that fri-on stuff??? i hope it is an easy fix and i can find someone to do it, can't see me clambering around up there, i slept till 9a when Carol came knocking. Luci was excited that some one knew us! then put up awning, chairs ,made sun tea, took a knap, got mcdonalds.. to enervated, lazy with heat to DO anything really, then it started getting warm in here Check Spellingand knew ac was fritzy. send friend Dave e-mail as i know he is driving back to Tehachapi today and don't know if he does it all at once or not, so don't want to bother when he is driving...
went over and talked to the neighbor, who is rather slothful, shuffling in and out and about the place,
long grey pony tail, he is not charming and barely could get a word out, but they are leaving mid October also, so they will be my neighbors the whole time, going to Brownsville Texas, not going to stay in winter that is for sure, he says. has 3 cats, so DeeDee i did try! but this guy will not win any awards for elocution and the wife is in the house all the time, what can you do in there? all the time?
I venture out a bit, maybe i will get a chance with her, eventually...
have the little fan i brought blowing on me full on and am not yet dripping sweat :)
hope you are all safe and cool!

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