Friday, August 6, 2010


What a day!!! Had to pay again, of course, for the hitch to be installed on a different/new truck, then the height is more substantial, 10 inches from rv bumper to truck bumper, so had to order a 'drop' hitch it will be here Monday 'sometime'. so have to get the pick-up and rv there -again- which involves help from a friend as i can't drive both of them and she can drive neither.
And having the stabilizer bushings checked, i only had half of one and it was sort of hanging on there, so that had to be ordered, comes from Chicago, takes 5 days, didn't have to pay to have it shipped over night as i wasn't leaving that soon anyway, right, so then in 5 days, once again have to have rv at the Custom Coaches place, who does the chassis work, BUT good news, they will let me leave it on their lot and NOT charge storage, and they were very nice and accommodating, and answered all my stupid/weird ???? and i don't have to pay for gas to Madras and back, again. Am trying to find a place to park it for a couple of days because by that time it will only be a couple days b4 i leave....hopefully, and all ready and things in great working order.....
Figure i could even park it on a side street near the house, so that i could get things in there, all the final things i will need, clothes, food, you know.
Launch date is getting very near :)
Oh, the hitch looks good on the pick-up!!!
Hope you all had a better day
Take Care and God Bless

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