Wednesday, August 18, 2010

On the road

Luci was quite perturbed about having to get up. left at 7am, believe me that is something for me and took me until 2;30p to get to Caldwell. called a place from the rest stop on the idaho side by the Snake River and am staying at Caldwell RV. just an ok place.. hotter than anything here and with the air running now for a couple hours it stay at 80 in here!!! geez. not on high tho, maybe i should try that.....
i have to take time to eat.... i just want to keep going and started getting really tired, so just stopped. it was pretty uneventful, except my XM radio would NOT work... that i just had installed!!!! so i called them, Sargents in Bend, it says to check the antenna, well that would be great but it is on TOP of the Rv driver's side, i told him that was a little inconvenient as i was almost to Burns and could not just whip in there to have it fixed, he said to get up there and just jiggle the wire, that is what he had to do to get it to start, WHAT??? one would think you would want it to start another way, i have no step ladder. It worked when i went to Sisters.
So if it cools some tonight i may get on my little 3 step ladder and see if i can stretch myself and "jiggle" the wire.
well, going to nap
the 1st day was good
God Bless

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  1. Hi world traveler, LOL! Glad all is well! Take care. I am in Eugene yet, head home tomorrow. Mom's today, always bittersweet!Love you, Loree!