Friday, August 13, 2010

Sisters KOA

OK, i got all the 'things' fixed on the rv.. stabilizer bushings, check, xm radio, check, backup camera, check (well, who would have known that you have to have the AUX battery ON for the stuff to work inside the rv, :) like i said when i started, this is a steep learning curve) horn, check ( blown fuse is all) detail the outside, check, it really, really looks nice, not older paint at all, and spiffs up everything to a degree that it does not look derelict, not that it really did, but it does look really, really nice, i took a pic but they won't download to blogger for some reason. Got the p-up all hooked up, with son's help, and telling him nicely that it really did no good and served no purpose to curse and yell at me :) even tho he did not know what to do, i did and would he listen to me, i would tell him and it would go much easier, faster and nicer. Mothers are always right, i think we looked like one of those commercials/cartoons for dysfunctional people
i got gas, gulp.. and drove 1/2 hour to get to Sisters :) and i was exhausted, after setting up, and had to nap for a bit, before went into town to have dinner with my sweet niece, who has yet another tattoo!!!! geez, louise she is getting a batch of them, but they all mean something
Had my dentist appointment moved up to today!!! by the dental office, soooo i think i can get out of here a day early :) may leave on tuesday instead of wednesday. have basically everything done, just have to get my 'hobby' stuff in here and clean my space at the house, bathroom and whatnot, don't want to leave a mess for months... so will rest tomorrow, and go to a pig roast in the evening, then load up, meet friend Tanya in Redmond to go to the closing ceremonies for the touring VietNam Memorial, then home and get the final things done and be off... it is really close now.
It is lovely here at the KOA grassy spaces, well apart, tables, fire pits, pool, they even had a person in a cart lead you to your site and explain the hook up, make sure you were parked right to have easy access, it was a nice experience
Take Care y'all

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