Sunday, August 29, 2010

More Saturday Mkt

There were tons of flowers at the Saturday Mkt, bakery goods, of course all the wonderful produce, food booths, people with their dogs, i felt it was too hot to take Luci down there and all of the dogs were panting heavily, the market is on a parking lot, so there is just asphalt, and she is only like 3 inches from that hot pavement, even tho we were there early in the morning that pavement was still HOT! there were also crafts there too. It was just a fun thing to do and i think i have made myself sick on eating all of the peaches, can a person overdo on that? I wonder? My Grandma Larrance LOVED 'glads' and always had them in her garden/yard. They had wonderful varied colored ones. All the farmers were very cheerful and helpful. Carol Got a bunch of meat, that is organically grown, beef and chicken, 1/2 chicken..... This clown does not look too happy does he? He was at the Saturday Mkt. along with a balloon guy. they even had a LINE for corn only grown in a certain area, that is world reknown, must be GOOD corn!
Today we did chores, Michael's (Carol i used my xmas gift card on a crochet book of granny squares) Target, Culver's for lunch, HyVee for groceries, we are having a dinner tomorrow for Carol's daughter, son-in-law and kids.
y'all Take Care and God Bless. thinking of all of you!

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