Friday, August 20, 2010

Today is Tenacity

Stopped here today to have my Passport Book stamped!!! for National Parks Sys and it was quite interesting , they have found all of these tropical skeletons in the rocks, leaves and plants, dragon flies, all kinds of things that life was built on, right here, in the desert, well it is now, wasn't then apparently :) a guy was sitting there and painstakingly getting a fossil out of rock in a little room there, he had all of these high tech drills and brushes and whatnot, not like the early guys had... it was an interesting place

Aren't these lovely, they are all over and so tenacious too!!!

Look at the roots/trunk of this tree, what is has had to go thru to grow and still be there

I have just kept driving, I am very tired, when it gets to bad i do stop and walk around the rv a couple times, make sure it is holding together :) and take stock that i am too. My neck and shoulders are so stiff, i keep telling myself to relax...then another freight truck whizzes by, inches from me!!! I swear they go soooo fast and just take up road. i do notice tho that they do get over, i hope it is not because i am wobbling all over the road, i think i have found my grove, albeit shaky as it is.
You know you can click on the picture to make them bigger then you can see the roots/trunk better
Hope you all are holding on too !!!! Take Care and God Bless

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