Thursday, August 19, 2010

The top picture i was stopped at road construction and my that cloud was black!!! the 2nd pic is completely illegal and will not be trying that again as it was scary having one hand off the steering wheel, but the clouds were very pretty, think if i decide i can't stand it have to have a pic will just stop by the side of the road then i will probably get a ticket for non emergency.
we had a little thunder bumper and pouring rain for about 10 minutes, the people across the way ran out and used the rain to scrub down their trailer :( good idea but i thought it weird...
Also want to comment on all the road kill, think i need to start counting. yesterday was a BIG day for the coyote!!! my there must have been a dozen at least, a calf (sad) deer and porcupines were high too, and that would be no fun for the driver, they move so slow, i have heard. today we have more porky's and skunks, maybe it is the area you are in. but it is interesting when you you are trying to notice things, and all of these were easily identifiable, so there..... even at 55mph.
i am at Lava Hot Springs KOA but the springs are down the road and you have to pay to get in, so won't be going there, altho i DO love hot springs, would have to undo the car (it was at least a mile guys) and am not doing that either, but guess i do have to slog my way back up to the registration desk as they had rubber band guns and brother Jerry is all hot to trot to have one, so, but at least it is cool....
Hope you all had a good day and uneventful, too. Take Care & God Bless

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  1. Loree, I must say you have more guts than I driving your big, beautiful RV and truck around the country, but I must also say that I am so envious of what you are doing. I always wanted to be able to just get in my car and travel the country with no particular agenda or route in mind - just travel from state to state, i guess kind of like a gypsy! Anyway, I so look forward to reading your blogs and seeing your beautiful pictures - makes me feel almost like I'm getting to see the country through your eyes - thank you so much!!