Tuesday, August 31, 2010

TV Tuesday

Pretty flowers altho these are a bit over the hill

Pretty little girl, Guthrie, almost 4 years old
Today was tv day, last nite WalMart did NOT have a digital converter box, so this morning i had to find one, radio Shack had them but they were what i thought was expensive so i spent money on gas driving around to Best Buy, Target, Staples and of course i had to FIND these places, i accidentally stumbled on the right Walgren's where some prescriptions were waiting for me. am slowly getting the roads down, it helps that i have been here 3 other years and remember, sort of :) had to be here at 3:30p for the wiring guy to install, and of course i had to go to Radio shack as they were the only ones that had any!!!! of the boxes that i needed to get tv without cable, with just the antennae. BUT i now have TV!!!!! when i move then will have to disconnect if they have cable and redo things, wonder if i will remember how to do it???? and the place in Florida does have cable tv, thank heavens, hopefully it will not cause me fits.
i get lots of channels in the bedroom and only 4 in the living area, weird, but there are trees in the front of the RV and we are thinking that is the problem, i like laying in bed in any case watching so it works out fine.

It is really hot and sultry here, we had a bit of rain, and it is windy, had to put the awning away for awhile as was worried about it flapping, and the neighbors is laying on the ground ripped off, not recently, it has been there the whole time i have been here, but it had to happen some time and don't want that to happen to me!!! AC been running for 2 days now :)

going to go for a swim after supper

Hope you all have a good time watching TV tonight, think of me

Take Care and God Bless

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