Friday, September 24, 2010


is just bursting out all over Iowa and the Midwest! I love taking seasonal pictures. Today we went to Williamsburg, IA to go expressly to The Woolen Needle, which has long been my favorite store. They have a WHOLE store devoted to woolens for felting and needle work, like making those penny rugs using a button hole stitch, table runners, decorative items, they also have quilting supplies of a nature, lots of flannel and everything is primitive/ autumn colors, browns and earth oranges, greens/yellows. they have needles and lots of threads for embroidery, it is just a neat store, they are showcased in the Shop Hop/Quilting magazine for Fall.
We then went to Kalona an Amish/Mennonite community. Stopped at one farmers stand (right along the road, in front of their farm) and got some baked goods, and also stopped at a couple of antique stores where i got the pictures that i will share in the next couple of days.
Last night was a horrid night, with strong winds, the RV rocked/rolled ALL nite and it rained and poured, it was a warmer wind tho, strange, opened windows, closed windows, had bed clothes off then on, and today wore long pants again and a light sweater, with a hooded sweatshirt, got that cold, but the clouds all cleared away, wind stopped and turned into a great day!!! Tomorrow supposed to be good too. And we had a huge harvest moon tonight. I am sure you all saw it too
Fair weather your way, Take Care and God Bless

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