Friday, September 17, 2010

God's Light
This is West Virginia, yes we had fog and LOTS of rain... That was yesterday. we were so exhausted from trying to get back and then see things too, in a fast way-yet thorough.
Oh the big house is Monticello, home of Thomas Jefferson and it was wonderful! It is at 870' and he leveled the top of the mtn by about 20 feet, took him or his slaves, a year. He was born 3 miles from there and played on the mtn in his youth, it was called Tom's Mountain. His father surveyed Virginia and West Virginia for King Charles and was granted land for his service. Thomas inherited 3000 acres and his brother 2000. there is still 2600 acres in the estate. He had a large garden and orchards, it was very steep up to it, they bused people up and back.
We also stopped at a place in West Virginia called Tamarack that has crafts from people of the state and it was really neat to see all of those things, very diverse. I got a walking stick and a basket!
We stayed in Lexington, Virginia and Seymour, Indiana. Lexington was a very old town, Virginia Military Inst is there, as is Washington & Lee College. George Marshall of the Marshall Plan (after WWII) and Stonewall Jackson were born there. We drove around quite a bit looking at the city and the wonderful churches/houses/store fronts. There were even log cabins right in the city limits. still being lived in!
In Seymour we had our 1st problem in motels that would not allow pets and ended up in a refurbished auto court, which was clean and nice but not the Hampton Inn.. Luci was happy
I have got to take her out now and get ready for bed, am really tired and Carol has to go to work tonight, don't know how she does it!!!

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