Thursday, September 9, 2010

Guess where we are???

Well we drove all day and are in Shelbysville, Kentucky. Luci is having a great time smelling all the smells, is not happy in the motel room, KNOWS that there is someone else on the otherside of the wall and keeps going to the connecting door and snuffling snot all over. great.
Went thru Illinois, and Indiana halfway over and then to the bottom and you get to Louisville which was a really pretty city on the Ohio River, that was really big, the city had many bridges. We ran into lots of construction in Indianapolis and some of the freeways. We are freewaying it all the way as we need to get to NC by tomorrow nite! hopefully we can take it a little slower and see some things on the way back, like Monticello, Thomas Jefferson's home and the home of James Madison & Monroe are all in one of the areas that we are passing thru on the way.
BUT we want to see the ocean and the Outer Banks, so that is where most of the time will be spent. Indiana was very dry, it was surprising, all the grass was dead as was the corn...
weatherwise it could not be better, 76 & slightly overcast at times.
One story: we ate in an Applebee's in a small town in Indiana-Crawfordsville and the time did not match, so we asked if they were in the Eastern time zone and no one knew!!!! can you believe it, one of them even said she thought it might be Pacific???!!!! they finally looked in a phone book and indeed they are in the Eastern time zone and we lost another hour, i forgot this when calculating time to drive and how far we would get, pretty basic thing to have to know, but it was really funny that none of them knew.
Roadkill report: the poor raccoons !!!! there was about 6 of them today and one pheasant
Hope you all had a good Day!!!! Take Care and God Bless

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  1. We got your letter, and are enjoying your blog so much! What a brave girl you are - I feel like we are seeing all those things with you - keep up the good work - that thunderstorm sounded awful. It's the trip of a lifetime, isn't it! Your pictures are wonderful too - thanks for sharing!
    (Jan's mom) Barb