Monday, September 20, 2010

I Know, I Know

I am a slug as i did no post yesterday. Sometimes there is just nothing to say. Did nothing yesterday of any note whatsoever!
This morning the lumpity, lumpity man was out there sifting dirt in the empty lot behind by bedroom window yet again. at 7am no less!!!! and now he has stopped, what is that? Loud clap of thunder right over the trailer REALLY woke us up about 8am. Took Luci out for her first potty break and another clap, she looked at me like what????? and would do no more, ran for the rv!!! so that was that. am back in bed, Tried to call people and no response from anyone, of course all i know are people in the Pacific time zone so it was 2 hours earlier, but i never woke them up or they were up and already gone? think they were still asleep :)
These are houses in Lexington, i was just enamoured with that little town, it was so neat.
It is Monday and have to find something to DO. Later having dinner with Carol and watching DWTS first show, hmmmm.
Well guess i better start the day and do something even if it is wrong
Y'all have a great day, hope it is more sunny than it is here, The weather has to change for the better and those halycon days of Autumn pretty soon, don't you thing?
Take Care & God Bless

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