Saturday, September 11, 2010

It's 9-11 today, and even at the beach they remember......
We are so tired so have come back to the room to nap prior to trying to find dinner somewhere. Notice the horizon, it is so defined, i don't ever remember that of the Pacific, the sea and sky sort of blends in together at Oregon, and the water was soooo warm, it was like bathwater, it is NEVER like that, even on a warm day in Oregon, and the sand was not as fine, more course and lots of tiny bits of shells, we did find some bits of shells, but they are so tumbled, that they are smooth and chip like, it is strange, no recently broken ones, and i thought after Earl that there would be many more shells and there weren't, just the old tumbled ones, but we are going to go further south tomorrow and maybe different beaches will show us something else. and you can't sit and gaze at the ocean, no cliffs, you have to walk over a dune to get there, and they have wooden steps over all of the access points, houses are built up on stilts, so the bottom floor is not there, just garages or storage, and they build up high decks above the house or up on the dune to look out, it is kind of cool, lots of people, with great tans!!!!!, we are not tanned, white things struggling thru the sand pulling the dog behind, she is so tired, those little legs were just going everyplace and running to stay out of the water, and she wanted me to carry her!!!!! HA, then the worse of indignities, i washed her off (there are water faucets at all the access points, and some even have showers) It is so nice out, 76-80, we had a really good time.
Take Care and God Bless

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