Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Monday Sunset

This was Monday night, it was beautiful, took a whole array of pics, it just kept getting better and better, This is a empty field right behind the RV. when the lumpity-lumpity man is gone there is no one back there at all. You can even watch the storms come rolling in :)
Have another person reading my blog!!!! Can you imagine that someone finds me interesting at times? Welcome to Dawn & Denise (Crusin2some) This is so special! I did go over and look at your blog and you know i did not get rid of all of my things......took the easy way out and they are still at my roommates place, paying a reduced storage fee.. I don't know if i could do that, you explained having the yard sales and deciding what goes and what to keep and who to give things to, i don't know that i could part with my 'stuff'' and i have not made a major commitment yet either, if i like doing this or not, it is hard doing it all alone, many mistakes are made, so i have my bolt hole and a place to return to. Good for you to 'go for it'
Yesterday was a chore day, you know; groceries, post office, bank- that sort of thing. Started another afghan while watching late nite TV, dumped icky again...
Today i am waiting for the wireless guy again, to try to get the xm working in the RV, boy were i home would i ever RAG on that guy at Sergeants Mobile. i am still going to send him the bill for repair and see what he does..... i mean, really, after the amount i paid, it should work, right?
We are having those wonderful Fall days here, 68, no humidity, cooler at night. i am going to sit outside and crochet and watch lumpity-lumpity for awhile :)
Take Care!!!!

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  1. Hi Loree! It's me, thought I better check in! Has been about 80 here the past almost week now. Nice. But I am ready for cooler weather! LOL! Going to Tracy's this weekend, see Trestyn's gymnastics competition, and Wizard of Oz party! Love you!