Sunday, September 5, 2010


What about this BUG??? it was at least 6" long!!! i was going to sit on the marble bench and watch the river flow by, this was in Princeton, but the bench appears to belong to this fellow and i did not want to move it/scare it and have it land on me!!
(click on picture to make it larger than life)

What is the story of a gate to no where on the Mississippi River? was there a dock there? does it belong to one of the houses across the street? A nice sturdy iron gate too.

When is it that you decide to NOT use your barn anymore? What helps you make that decision, then to just let it fall apart? I love taking pics of old barns, or new ones too, they are so iconic of a farm life well lived.
Had a nice little drive and ended up in Clinton about 30 miles north of Davenport, got there thru the back roads from the RV park, so saw alot of corn, barns and silos, narrow roads going up hill and down dale. there was one river Wapi...something, that was in a little valley sort of and it had flooded all over, i think it had been like that for awhile tho lots of birds but they were all in a tree/swamp sort of thing and no pull outs anywhere, cept the middle of the road and on curves, so no chance to take a pic, big white birds tho, that you could see thru the foliage.

Roadkill Report: the possums and porcupines were out last night.... about 8 possums, poor things, they must be slow too...
Have a GREAT day!!

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  1. ooh that's a female praying mantis! she looks about ready to molt. they're on the endangered list here.