Monday, September 13, 2010


Forgot to tell you about luci's adventure. We were at the Ocracoke Beach, no one around for miles and we had set all of our things down and started to hunt shells. So i decided to let her off the leash, she had already 'done her business' TWICE so i figured she was good and she normally just follows me around, Carol and i both looked up and she was no where to be found!!!! i thought was there a hole or something that she fell into as that was what is appeared that happened, she would NOT go near the water, i yelled and called her and finally here she comes, from the direction of the road!!! and the car, she had gone back to the car, she was sick of this beach shit, hot and wanted back in the car!!! Can you believe.??? so back on the leash she went. thank heavens there was not much traffic and she must have decided she was alone and did not like that or she heard me calling and came back, it was a scary couple of minutes, let me tell you... the little poop!!!!

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