Monday, September 13, 2010

Our sunset....................

Left is the Hatteras Lighthouse, and Right is the Ocracoke Lighthouse. We had a WONDERFUL day, we were going to take the ferry to the mainland, but after seeing Ocracoke we decided to stay there and be at the ocean all day. We found so many shells, mostly clam, but so many different colors and shapes, and oyster shells that were iridescent they were so tumbled. We just walked and sat and talked, Luci ran off, Ocracoke has set standards and made most of the island a refuge and no building over a certain height, so the houses are all on the southern part of the island, with a twisty road thru the homes, b&b's and small family run businesses, no chain restaurants or businesses. It would be a wonderful place to stay, people on golf carts and scooters. It is very laid back and casual. Then you go to the beach and there is no one there, there are a couple of places where there are restrooms and parking lots, but mostly you pick a spot to park in the 13 miles to town after debarking from the free ferry from Hatteras, walk over the dune and there you are, and shells galore!!!! Just wait till i can get a picture for you, i have like 4 shopping bags of them!!!!

Then we drove back, took the ferry back to Hatteras and the rest of the Outer Banks and we go this great big ball of a sunset on the horizon, it was so beautiful. So we started out at 7:30am and did not go where planned, but had a great day!

Hope y'all did too!!!!

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