Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Pig

Luci is afraid of this pig. It is in front of the RV park welcoming us every time we return. When we go for a walk we will pass it one way or the other, and she actually jumps back/ stops, gets all stiff, sniffs, her little nose just working away. Then she gives it a WIDE berth, all the time looking over her shoulder at it.
It is funnnny, well maybe you have to be there :)
Today i am waiting on the UPS man, i ordered some movies from amazon and they came yesterday apparently, during one of the times i was not there. and wouldn't leave them, they sent an e-mail, i responded and they are trying again today. They leave things on our porch at home all the time, even things they should not leave, even when i am right there. so i really don't know what the big deal is, BUT here i am, i'm waiting, where are you??
The park is really clearing out, but i am watching the weather, and it does NOT look as if snow is imminent, that being the only thing (freezing weather) that would shove me out of here and on down the road... Carol and I still have plans..............


  1. Hi Loree - that was so funny about Luci being scared of the pig! I love your pictures! And I got the postcard today from the Currituck Light - I feel like I'm on the trip too! Hope you got the movies you were waiting for - love, Barb Miles

  2. I hope you have more nice weather I got all the porches painted and it is raining today yippee
    You are special and keep on telling us all the fun things you are doing
    Love Nora