Sunday, September 12, 2010

Scenes from Rodanthe. We had a great day!!! it started out raining then got humid/muggy, but it was nice at the beach and we found SHELLS, wow, lots of them, it was SO cool, but no really big ones. Went over a really long bridge, saw a Coast Guard station, some white birds with really long necks and long bills, more sandpipers and whatever those little ones are right by the ocean that skitter all over the place, really fast. they are so cute and FAST. Houses right on the beach, really big houses, 3-4 floors and lots of windows and balconys, screened porches, on the 4th floor and some have crows nests even higher up. But the beach was lots different further down, not as coarse of sand and not as commercial, more home town places and not as many places to shop, which is great, i like more out of the way places.
Tomorrow we are going to go further south, get up early and take the ferry to Oracoke and to the mainland and drive around, see more beach/ocean and marsh land. There are also a couple more lighthouses. this one is on Bodie Island. Looking forward to seeing ones that do not have the scaffolding on it!
Luci is soooo tired, she does not even whine to get out of the car anymore, just sits there and looks at you. :0 poor little thing. Carol sat down on the sand waiting for me to get ALL the shells on the beach and Luci laid down right beside her. one of the beaches there were no people and i let her off leash and she just stayed right beside us, did not run off and stood to let us put the leash back on when people came down, so she was a very good little girl, but tired. She is sound asleep right now.
Take Care y'all
Oh, wanted to say that we have been called baby doll, honey, sweetheart, we are in the South!!

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