Saturday, September 4, 2010

Sunset at the Hacienda

This is just grass, i think, but the angle of the sun transforms it into something special.
and i figured out the goobledy-gook when doing the blog, instead of edit html i need compose, ha, and here you are, where i am supposed to be... guess i just hit the wrong key inadvertently... :) before
got a cheap 19" tv to hook up to dvd player, so i can watch movies as i don't get many channels off the antennae n i can't figure how to disconnect everything and re-connect to use the dvd, it was unhooked from rv tv as it was sucking channels, whatever that means, i am electronically challenged as it is and things have to work, if there are too many moving parts i just can't do it. i did manage to get the dvd out of the cupboard with the rv tv still working and hook it up to the new one on a little console table by the front door n it works really great. watched 'the back-up plan' with jennifer lopez, it was really cute, chick flick and chunky monkey, i was a happy girl.
found a post office and mailed some cards, so after the holiday i can go back and mail a package.
walked Luci a couple of times.
the weather has evened out, it is to be a little cooler tonight but getting up to the 80's again tomorrow, they said nothing about humidity tho. but it has been nice these couple of days, a sigh of relief. going to look at maps and see if i can drive someplace tomorrow for some new sights. have some upkeep things to do around here too... but may leave them until Monday, windows and grill in the front need de-bugging & need to do a black water dump again...icky-poo....
You all Take Care & God Bless

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