Friday, September 10, 2010

This is the 1st view point all day long, they have NO viewpoints, but i guess there are no heights either to look out upon. West Virginia was all hilly and quite beautiful, even a 7% grade at 2735 ft at Sand Mtn, but that was it!!! and the leaves were starting to turn there. but then you get to Virginia and all you see is YOUR side of the freeway and trees on either side, there are whole cities hidden in those trees, but gosh darn you can't SEE it for the trees on either side!!! i mean the whole state we went thru was like this. until you open out at Newport News and the end of the Chesapeake bay, with lots of coal processing and ships, and then the tunnel!!! UNDER the Bay, it was scary, but we survived and there was NO turning back either and they kept telling you you were coming to it and this is your last chance, soooo you had time to turn around, or check your gas so you don't get stuck... it was a very long day, left at 7:30a and did not get to Outer Banks until 10:30p
Luci was pissed, staged a protest by refusing to eat. and whining at every opportunity.
Tomorrow the beach!!! which we haven't even seen yet!!!!!


  1. I love the part of traveling through a whole state seeing nothing but tree's. It reminds Gregg and I of our trip around the country this summer, we saw trees, trees and more trees in many areas with cities hidden behind them. Especially Pensacola, FL.

  2. Oh, the tunnel UNDER the Bay . . I swear I had a mini anxiety attack just reading about it - seriously!! That would have been a difficult one for me. How long is it?