Thursday, September 30, 2010

Genesco, Illinois

Today we went to Genesco, Illinois to visit one of Carol's work friends. It was a cute little MidWest town that's claim to fame is the city of pigs, they have these cement pigs putside the different businesses in town and they are really cute!!!

One in front of a wine restaurant is a chef

The one in front of the bank has pennies all over it!!!

Of course the newspaper

The clothing store has ...clothes....all over it

The art council has all these beautiful Autumn leaves all over it

t was one of those beautiful Fall days. Hope you all had a great day too!!!


  1. Way too CUTE! Those are some great pictures.

    Stay Safe

  2. Just found your blog thru Cruin2some's blog. The pig photos are fun. Our hometown did this with the Grantwood American Gothic couple one year. They are lots of fun.