Saturday, September 18, 2010


We stopped in Lexington, Virginia. Think i said something about the town before on the blog, but we also went to a bakery!!! surprise, i know!!!! But this was the BEST place, and i don't even know it's name! I also had a chocolate croissant, which i ate b4 i thought to take a picture. It was so light and wonderful, melt in your mouth good, this apple turnover was the same way, and it was a fairly young man that was the baker, he gets in at 3am to start work, he was sitting in the back when i used the rest room. It was an old shop, wood floors, but spic and span. Good thing i don't have access to a place like this all the time. it was so GOOD.
nothing happening today, got up late and had to go to the store for grocery supplies, then back to the rv to do laundry and wash the bedding, it was more than time for that. and the laundry was getting lots of people using it, went there just in time to be 2nd in line, so i was able to get my things right in and a young man doing his clothes, let me use one of the dryers he was using, he had another load to go in, but was already using one dryer, he said and did not want to hold me up, so i took it! there were two ladies behind me waiting. so i was just in time to not have to wait. we have to pay for the washer but not the dryers, which is a price break...
have taken Luci for a couple walks, made the bed, folded and put away clothes and the food, so am all set, been here on the computer, reading blogs n' stuff. Got a People Mag as had to know about Kate's new body :) Have shirts laid out all over the couch and chairs as things don't dry here anyway and when it is raining, did i mention it is raining? it is raining..... things don't dry fast at all. had them outside on my drying rack under the awning and that did not work. Wonder how long they will take to dry?
Oh, balanced my checkbook.. need to do a little better job at getting the right charge down, pay attention to that little detail, as had a couple errors, which makes things harder to balance :(
Other than that not much happening.
Hope you all had a productive day,
Take Care and God Bless
(and since nothing is happening, Carol working for next couple of days, so i am staying around here, and don't want to go sightseeing in the rain, i will just show more pics and give info about the NC trip, i KNOW you want to know more about that)

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