Sunday, October 10, 2010


There is also the Silo & Smokestack Historic area of Iowa, mainly i think along I80, where i believe they are protected.

I love taking pictures of old barns!, windows, water towers, weird signage, flowers, my friends. These were all between dubuque and Betterndorf, yesterday, many taken on the fly, without even getting out of the car! as i have a problem being the passenger and people don't want to stop 800 times during a trip for me to frame a picture :0 I know, they are soooo unreasonable!!!

You notice lots of corn!!! when does a person/farmer decide to no longer use a barn> to just let it site on land unused? Why?
Have a good day!!!


  1. My hubs is a huge barn fan. The older the better. I love them as well especially red ones. Hugs. Tammy

  2. Hi there! Love the barn pix. Should came take a picture of mine, LOL! Bodie smacked me in the mouth with is head last night. Very pretty swollen lip and mark on face today, me, not Bodie!