Friday, October 22, 2010


Navarre, Florida!!! All went well today, slept in till 8am, yeah!!!! then was off, got to Emerald Beach RV Park by 2pm and even after missing my turn off. but stopped at next rest stop, which fortuneately was close and figured out where i was and how to get to 87 south, which was not too hard, but kept me wondering if i was in the right place and what was ahead, there were a couple trucks ahead of me, so figured i would fit under anything they fit under :), worry about coming to an overpass or something that is really low, but did not happen, have to be ever diligent and not wander in my thoughts. The park is really nice, and the people cheerful and welcoming, even met some neighbors, Robert and Anita from Chico, Calif. they were driving around the country trying to find work and both found good jobs here, so are sort of stuck, went thru last winter here when it got to 18!!! it is NOT going to do that this year i am sure!!!! i mean that is why i left Bend, for goodness sake! Went to the beach on an overpass thing this evening, to see the beach of course and they don't allow dogs on the beach!!!! We encountered this in North Carolina too, even restricting use to after 5pm for dogs... and the little private beach here at the park is the same way, good gravy, a couple of people not picking up after their dog spoils it for everyone, i am dissappointed, but maybe i can find one, will ask in office, hate to have to leave Luci in the RV all day while i bask in the sun, but maybe it would be too hot for her in any case, we will see....
Everything is set up and working, even have HOT water, am sooo excited.
Welcome to new follower Al, from Travels with the Bayfield Bunch, which i follow and get all kinds of tips from him, and love his groaners corner, going to try the Picasa Photo editing, which he highly recomends, as i need to start using something!
Take Care All & God Bless from sunny Florida!


  1. We found that all over Florida, it seems that there are very few dog friendly places there. Makes it hard to travel with your dog, for sure. I just found you tonight, and look forward to reading more. Saw the word "Bend" in there, and yes, I am near Klamath Falls, so I know what east side cold is like!

  2. oh i'm so jealous! it's finally raining here and kind of icky. we could do with a beach day! miss you already!

    and picasa is awesome - you'll love it!