Saturday, October 2, 2010

Down Day

Well, it is getting cold here. Good thing i have a short while to stay. Hope it warms again , Love that great Fall weather. Have to go out & get the awning in as the wind is really picking up. I was sick last night, not much fun being in an RV while sick...think it was the popcorn at the movies yesterday, am i getting too old to digest popcorn, good heavens, the things we learn about ourselves!!!! So slept until almost 11a, where was Luci, i thought she might be dead??!!! but she was just cuddled all cozy under the blankets, yes, i sleep with my dog, that is just the way it is. So why does she have the bladder the size of a basketball when it is cold, and sometimes, its the size of a pea and she has to go out every 10 minutes, geez..... what a whiner!

Am going to my friends house to do laundry, finish up hers while she sleeps, she is on her working days this week-end, RN at Hospice and works 11p to 7 or 8am or when she can leave, sometimes she ends up staying when someone is almost gone and the family needs her. Yes, she is a saint, i hope there is someone like her near when it is my time, kind and patient and so giving. She worked in Oncology for many years and felt that at the end of her career she wanted to work with older end of life patients, some are not that old, really. This is a picture of us waiting for construction in NC. She is one of my best friends, have known her for 32 years!!!! Lots of 'things' under the bridge between us :) Love her dearly. I have been coming to Iowa for 4 years now, since she moved here to be near grandchildren, the 1st 3 were by my car and i imposed on her for a month! This is the 1st year for the motor home where i have my own space. It seems to be working out good. It is always sad to leave, knowing it will be another year before i get back. But this year i am going on to other places and adventures.
Welcome to new followers Janie and John! It amazes me that people may find me interesting, mainly started this for friends who were wanted to know where i was and i like to journal and this was a way to do it and not have to write things down and maybe later i can get it in book form as a remembrance of me for my son. Like he would think that was interesting, but someone may, maybe my niece??? who knows.... So am glad that others find it a small bit interesting too. Also kind of think it is good someone knows where i am :)
Well you all Take Care and God Bless

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