Thursday, October 14, 2010

Fall Bounty

Boy in the last couple of days even, the leaves have left the trees, the sky is blue, yet crisp. glad i got the furnace taken care of, it was nice to get up and be able to turn on some heat!!! Leaves are skittering everywhere. It is just a waiting game now... for time to leave and for carol to not be working or babysitting, most every thing is done here, but i keep remembering things to do, like put a towel on the screen of the new tv i got, as it is facing downward on the shelf on top of the dvd player and don't want either one to get scratched....bouncing around...
lumpity -lumpity is going strong today, but i am not as near, so it is not as loud... did i tell you that Sunday night, this guy was out in the field with a BIG cultivator, doing the field, with huge lights until 11p!!!!! got up the next morning and the field was all like plowed and for awhile there he was raising it up turning and lowering it right by my bedroom window!!!! it was lovely......

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  1. It was heat day here too. Had to kick the ole mule on to stop the Boston's from shivering. I swear they need heating blankets for their beds. :) Hugs. Tammy