Sunday, October 3, 2010

It is Geneseo, Ill we went to. I spelled it wrong b4. Also went to Carol's friends 'country' property which was pretty neat, half a lake (there was a fence in the middle of the lake!) some buildings, got lots of pics of more birdhouses, like to print up cards of them for gifts. there is also a windmill. they are so dated and old west.

Well last night got COLD guys, let me tell you. and of course the furnace would only blow cold air, can't believe i am out of propane already, i only use it for cooking my eggs in the morning, basically, did not know you had to leave the propane ON so the refrigerator would work while traveling, so had been shutting it off when i was on the road (no wonder it was not keeping ice very good), so, there should be more in there or enough for a couple nights of coldness, then how do you get more propane, when all set up? do i have to break down and move the rv to a propane site? that would be the pits!!! so that goes on my list for the Oct 13th appointment at USA Adventure to get things fixed and oil changed, what not, geez, how much will that cost for everything, they will be glad to see me coming :)

So i went to Blaine's Feed and Fleet and got a little space heater, because the Adventure store was not open on Sunday, Welcome to the Mid West. alot of things are not open on Sunday, even some grocery stores and Hobby Lobby, you better get your hobby stuff b4 Sunday or plan ahead, no spur of the moment crafting, maybe i should be in church too!!!! Anyway my toes are warming right up and now the sun in shinning on the south side of the Rv, so things are getting a little warmer in here. thank heavens!!!!

(and i thought you had to turn off the propane so as to not start fires while on the road, but apparently that is only for the water heater, which is a whole nother story :)

what i don't know about this RV thing would fill a BOOK!!!!

Hope you are all warm! Take Care and God Bless!!!

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