Thursday, October 28, 2010

Me Day

Went North of Navarre Beach for a short ways and this is the 1st sign i saw, but did not see any impact. There were some guys further down in yellow vests picking up stuff, maybe they had cleared this part already? Don't know. It was beautiful! The humidity left us today and it was a great day, turned off the AC, first time in 3 days, opened up the windows.
BUT, this was all after i got home, it was a me day, had to get my hair cut, facial waxing (tmi?) and pedicure, i felt slothful and pampered and it was wonderful, i just came upon these great/wonderful ladies at "Stiletto's on the Beach" in Navarre and they were the nicest most accommodating people i have met so far. They had an ad in the visitor's guide. It was a wonderful day!!
Hope you all have such a day!!
Take Care and God bless


  1. hope they aren't the only people you have met yet! glad you had a me day - you deserved it after all that packing up and unloading!

  2. The beach looks wonderful, Loree. Sounds like a great day to me, and certainly NOT TMI. Getting older together is a kick, and sometimes it's fun to laugh about it.