Saturday, October 9, 2010

the Pickers

Do any of you watch this show ? It is on the History Channel. They go around the Mid West looking for the old and interesting. They are based in Le Claire, Iowa, which is just up the road EAST of Davenport, Well today we finally found them Behind the BP station in Le Claire. There were people flocking up the alley and taking pictures in front of this car, so we did the same thing!

the people on the next street above them did NOT want to be bothered or had been bothered to distraction already and wanted to make sure you did not go back to their property!!!

It was a really nice day in Iowa, almost 90 degrees!!!. We drove to Dubuque to a toy store, and the store was no longer there and we were not able to get what we were looking for but saw alot of old barns and took some pics! the colors had already turned there, should have gone further south and not north :) to see more of a display, but we saw some pretty country anyway and had a good day. Ended up with a fire pit, hot dogs and s'mores at Carol's daughter and son-in-laws place (John & Darah, parents of Guthrie and Laithe) Ahmie (mother-in-law-, Patty ) was there too! it was a good time talking and staring at the fire.

Welcome new follower, Patty!
Take Care and God Bless all

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  1. My hubs absolutely loves this show. I think it's fascinating what they dig up in the dankest dingiest places. Then sell it for quite the profit in most cases. Great show. Hugs. Tammy