Wednesday, October 13, 2010

that's done

have been worrying about things getting done and it is all done and could not eat breakfast was so worried about being behind the wheel again, but it was like riding a bike!!!! and nothing happened. that is good. but i was there for about 4 hours. took forever, then the guys had to go to lunch. but friend carol came to get me, so i could have lunch too! the furnace was really, really dirty and when clean it worked, oil change - check, air in tires and gas - check. the generator needs a carburetor, that would be $500 and i never use it, that apparently is the problem, so i am not going to fix, it, i only plan on being in places with hook ups and their own showers, so why do i need it? may run into some probs with that in Big Bend in Texas, worry about that then. water heater is just a flip of the switch by the sink, who would have thought that? all this time with no hot water, oh well.... i really need to look at my owners manual more thoroughly :)
in my new, long. level space so i have room to hook up the pick up
things are moving right along.
we went to see Secretariat, great show!!!! great horse of all time, my time!!! i remember jumping up and down in the living room when he raced back in the 70's boy i could get into trouble with horse racing.....
Take Care

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  1. At least you have heat now!!!
    too bad about the farmer working so late.

    Travel Safe