Monday, October 25, 2010

These birds have a happy home!

Look at those flowers!! it is almost November and greenness all around, it is amazing.. Boy last night there were tornado warnings North of us, wind, and rain, today overcast with intermittent sun and humid... guess i need to find out what county we are in so i can heed warnings on TV late at night. But really do they touch down near the ocean? don't think i have heard of that, need land to swirl around on or it is called something else, typhoon? but those are not here, in the western pacific, i think Oh, well, i am sort of the feeling that what will be will be, take ordinary precautions, certainly, but... you know....just sayin.....

Hey- i entered the Luci Florida Doggles picture in the 'Draw the Dog' contest on facebook, if she gets the most comments then will be on their Nov ad for a week :) so, go comment!!!!

Take Care All!

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  1. Oh my gosh, I had two more roses come up over the weekend. I was shocked as we had a good frost the night before. Bright pink beautiful flowers when I needed to see them. Hugs. Tammy