Wednesday, October 6, 2010

These geese are here all the time, usually in the river, well i assume they are the same geese. the water is really swift right now, they are keeping watch on the water to see what it is going to do next!

See, here is the Mississippi River (that is the 74 bridge in the background) about a foot higher than what it was when i first got here. can't just walk out to the docks! and coming into the parking lot.

Here is Grandma Carol or more commonly known as Deitah. Name Guthrie made for her so it is very special. We had dinner last night, cheeseburger pie, Yummy. Darah and i worked on the blog and Carol took all the grandkids, including Luci to see the Halloween decorations around the block. One on the corner is really something! lights all over the house and everything, graveyard, ghosts, witches. I am going to try to get pics of it for you all, but have to see how things work in the darkness, as that is the only time it really comes alive, ooooahhhhhh!!!!!!!!!
This is whirling Dervish Guthrie, which she is doing most all of the time, whirling about us, busy as can be. She got a new dress and was testing out the swirl ability.....It did pretty good!!!!
Hope you all have a swirly day!!!

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  1. Way cool how she can swirl like that!!!

    Stay Safe