Friday, October 15, 2010

This is where friend Carol lives. with her huge backyard, that she does NOT have to mow, the landlord lives in the big house in front of hers and does all the yard work. This is the back and side view. She has the big deck and stairs down to the laundry room below the deck, the rest of the bottom is the landlords for the storage of all their lawn mowers and what not. They just put in the new sidewalk, which will be great for her because going down that hill in the snow was the pitts and under the deck became a mud bog with run off, the sidewalk is a GOOD thing!!! and look at all of those windows in her living room, this used to be the carriage house. she has lots of storage up in the attic. They recently painted it all to match the main house , stained the deck and put in that sidewalk, so they are always doing something to make it look nice and more livable. Guthrie loves playing and running in the yard.
Today was spent, getting laundry done, working on an afghan and going to dinner. We have talked and laughed and had our adventure in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. It is hard getting ready to move on. No matter how much time we have together it is never enough and we never get everything done on our 'to do list', but just getting some of it done is an accomplishment!!!

See you all down the road
Take Care and God Bless
News says it is hot in Florida, which is another 'good' thing, the weather is certainly changing here and getting cool to downright cold at times...

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  1. I finally turned the heat on this week. Coming from New England, I generally don't turn it on until at least OCT 1 & by NOV 1st at the latest. This year, almost smack dab in the middle. My four would love running around in that yard. Hugs. Tammy