Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Welcome to Tammy at 'Stitching and Shipping'!!

Hope you all like my new "look" got tired of the other and wanted to try something different. i thought it looked like a person was looking thru the windshield of the car or RV and there are mountains in the background, i miss the mountains, oh sadness but i LOVE the Mississippi!!!

Which by the way is flooding, no, no, don't worry i am up on the plains- and with all the locks and dams it is not a devastating thing as it used to be, but rather a slow and steady thing and takes awhile to get down to us and then slowly move on. I showed the pic of the picnic table in the water a week ago and that was the start of it i guess, lots of rain in the north then and it takes a week to get here, and now it is clear everywhere and the water is coming, so flood some streets and parks, but not so badly as the rains stopped up North. it is interesting. In the paper here they have the tonnage shipped on the river every week, and it is ALOT you see the barges in the river and backed up waiting to get thru the locks, it is just a way of life here, and pretty cool to see too!!!

Take Care

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  1. Awww thanks for the welcome! I love the rain so long as it's not causing flooding. I went through the floods in 07 and I swore never again. Although we did gain a rescue boston out of the deal so it wasn't ALL bad, but darn close let me tell you. Hugs. Tammy