Wednesday, November 24, 2010

the Beach

The waves were beautiful, People were even out surfing, even tho there was a yellow and purple flag flying...
When I got there it was all foggy
When I left it had cleared off and gotten HOT!!
This looked like it was coming in, but the colors were amazing!
I found all kinds of shells but not the elusive whole sand dollar, lots of chips...
Keep forgetting to say that one day, I think last week, when I was out there I saw a pod..clutch?? of sting rays, there were 5 of them right close to shore, think they were curious about Luci, when I saw them out of the corner of my eye, I was in the water, and ran up on the sand, don't know what I thought, that they might come up to get her, don't know. But then thought maybe I had been seeing things, so talked to a couple that were sitting with chairs/ sun umbrella right at waters edge and they saw them too!!! It was pretty neat, actually.....
Have a Blessed Thanksgiving!!!


  1. what do the different colored flags mean?

  2. I could go for hot. The pictures of the water are beautiful.


  3. love that gulf water, so glad it isn't all completely ruined, at least not yet. I learned in Florida to ALWAYS wear beach shoes in the water because of the sweet little sting rays. They won't hurt you unless you step on them, though, and that's easy to do