Monday, November 29, 2010

exciting day

Cleaned house, wiped out the bathroom floor with a paper towel, it is such a small space!!! so my cleaning does not take awful long, all in all. Did the laundry, only one load this time!! And worked on my Xmas cards!!! Ordered some with my pictures on it from and they turned out really cool, if i do say so myself. Yes, it is this time of year. Ho-ho ha-ha for a month now, with sparkles and spangles all over the place. We had Rain, Rain, Rain off and on all day, and now the wind has picked up, so should be a rock and roll night!! :)
Yesterday and part of today watched "Pillars of the Earth" an HBO special i think it was made from Ken Folletts novel of the same name, it is about the building of a cathedral North of London in medieval times, it was pretty good, pretty bloody/gory and muddy/dirty, they did not do much to romanticize the living conditions of the common folk and the machinations of Church and State.
Take Care and God Bless

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  1. I got a Christmas card in the mail today! Thank you Aunt Loree...