Saturday, November 6, 2010

Lots Doing Today

Here are the five flags that have flown over Pensacola: Spain, France, England, the Confederacy and of course the United States.

Here is a not very good pic of a crane, pelicans and of course the ubiquitous sea gull.... the closer i would sidle up, the more that crane would move away, and i thought i was being so stealthy too!!!

First there was a pancake breakfast at the club house! Yummy!!
Then i went to Pensacola and rode the Trolley Tour. It was fun, Informative. Nashville one was better. But....Pensacola is only about 35 minutes away, so not to far. Had to go over the Bay Bridge which was 3 miles long, geez. their bay averages a depth of 33 feet, so it was a very good place to settle for shipping. It was settled in 1559, but then 2 hurricanes destroyed it and people did not go back until 1565. Many of the buildings are new as Ivan destroyed much of the downtown area with a 27 foot sea surge and winds up to 120 mph September 16, 2004. There were many 'shotgun' houses which are very narrow with not much property as the original tax lots were charged by the foot and how by many rooms and they counted hallways and closets as rooms! So they wanted all the doors going off to one side with no hallway and no closets. Saying was that you could shoot off a shotgun and it would go right from the front and out the back door without hitting anything.
Then I drove back thru Pensacola Beach, picked up Luci and went to a church bazaar in Fort Walton about 29 minutes east. Did not find anything, guess i was not in the mood and they were closing up shop at 3pm! Big traffic snarl there as the Church it was at was right on the main hwy 98 to Destin. We got back about 3:30p to feed Luci and go for a walk.
Since it was down into the 40's last night and i had to use my furnace a bit this morning to warm up i asked in the office about propane. Cuz i only have a teensy bit left. WELL i have to move the RV to where the propane is, which means unhooking everything and stowing all my 'stuff' to move about what- 300 feet? then BACK into my space again, aack!!!! OR i have to go buy a propane tank, preferably a 30 gal that would weigh about 52 # filled, i can maybe lift that and an auxiliary hook up hose to hook to the existing tank in the rv (which is not removable) a 4o gal tank would weigh about 70 # and i don't think i could lift that into the bed of the pick up to transport. No, no one delivers to the park, for insurance reasons.
Hey guys, this is all stuff you have to think about, especially when staying in one place for a period of time, were i moving, i could just get some at the next gas station stop.
It was a good day, saw new sights and places, even if it did leave me thinking about propane :)
Take Care and God Bless

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