Thursday, November 11, 2010

Oh Dear

I have had horrid computer problems, took it somewhere, got it fixed, and now i can't find anything! My Google account is just gone and all my favorites, will have to go back to him and admit ignorance and make him get all my 'stuff' back, Can't find my e-mail. It is a mess (well apparently NOT a mess as there is nothing there to make a mess!)and won't be able to get into him until Monday as i have the Blue Angels to go to tomorrow :) Toolbars, everything is just not there... Icons on my desktop.
But Fort Pickens was great. Built in 1834! Geronimo was kept there along with other Indians, it would have been sad to be there for them, on a spit of sand between the ocean and the bay, I don't imagine they would have wanted to lay in the sun and look for shells back then! Hopefully have some pics and will catch up next week, then i will have something to talk about huh?
Take Care all


  1. oh dear - wish I were there to help!

  2. I think computers are a blessing and a curse. It appears you're in the curse phase. I hope you get it back to where you can use it. I love the Blue Angels. They come to Seattle every year for Seafair and usually fly right over my house. I love their noise.

  3. You would think that after they fixed it, they would make sure your icons were back on your desktop!!!

  4. Oh no, Loree, what happened? :(