Thursday, November 18, 2010

Oh, Dear

I think i may be wrong! The yellow flag is for medium risk in the water and the purple flag is for Dangerous Marine Life, I think those things that were on the beach day before yesterday was NOT in fact oil, but some sort of jellyfish?? maybe? I don't really know, but it was the only thing that was on the beach that day and alot of them, and there i was poking them with a stick, but i am sure whatever it was was no longer living....And the purple flag was out that day too!
It was a wonderful day at the beach, the ocean (do you call the gulf an Ocean? it is a gulf?) anyway the water was no longer growling, and was not grey and angry, but was coming back to it's beautiful tri-colored blues and foaming white surf. lapping at the shore. There were all sorts of little gulfs, as it were, the surf was not in a straight line, sun was out, took Luci with me today and she was pretty good, there were about 6 fish ashore and she was interested in them, but not to the point where she thought they were food! and i did not not let her linger over them, cuz why were they there? died from something.....

This is what the beach looked like today, it was GREAT!!!! But no exciting shells...:(
Take Care and God Bless all!!!


  1. Wow, looks like there were a lot of foot print fish on the beach.

  2. The sound of the water alone would satisfy me.

  3. I like your sun visor. Since it's pink, I'll bet it's Minnie Mouse.


  4. I didn't think they looked like globs of better be careful Dolores....

  5. The more I read and see the photos the more I am liking this spot you've chosen, luckily I have saved their info on my favorites. Enjoy the sun and surf!